Ah, it feels good to be done with Western Civ. I finished shooting another scene for moy movie. The one that I started and forgot about over a year ago? Yeah. That one.
Susie Q and I went to grab a bite to eat, then we went through the park to hang out at Starbucks. It was so nice out today and you could ACTUALLY see the stars, which is never the case. Starbucks’ chairs were so comfy and they had sweet jazz music playing and the food felt so warm in my tummy that I could actually use the word ‘tummy.’ It was fun to hang out with Suzie Q and I picked on her quite a bit. It reminded me of the summer days at my grandma’s house with Jess.
I am scanning in work for my deviantart site, dahawaiian.deviantart.com, make sure to check that out.
I am probably going to go over to Aaron’s, get some fried chicken at Giant Eagle and play Halo2 all night! This will be a perfect day all around!


3 responses to “Ah

  1. how do you like pittsburgh? i’ve only been there once (at night) and perhaps my perspective is slightly skewed by prejudices and nostalgia that I won’t go into, but I thought it was the most beautiful city…
    Have you enjoyed it?

    • not so much
      I don’t hate it as much as most people who live here, I guess you’d call what I have a malaise and boredom of Pittsburgh. I want to travel like a Dharma Bum. I want to move around. Be in a different town every night. I never did get to walk the united states like I wanted to in high school.
      Still, days and nights like tonight in Pittsburgh…
      If you ever come out this way again, let me know and I can give you a tour.

      • Re: not so much
        i’ll take you up on it. i was only there for a few hours one night to go to a concert but i loved it. My former teacher, mentor, and best friend (now dead) lived there. It was his hometown and he always talked fondly of it.

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