What is that holiday again??

So here I am sitting in the peaceful morn of an empty computer lab at school. Well, there is one other guy in here, but he is sleeping and not snoring so there’s that. I love the silence of a computer lab when no classes are scheduled and everyone else is too lazy to drag their asses in here to do projects. (I’m no better, I have two Western Civ papers overdue and I’m on frickin’ Livejournal). So, an update. I pretty much spent all weekend hanging out with Commodore Bob and Lee and Jim and Pharli. Like, all Friday thru Monday morning. I always get my upstairs neighbor to watch my cat when that happens. His name is Dorian, he is a med student at CMU and teaches a little. But enough about my cat. I spent the weekend with these guys, who are sick and tired of the shit women have been giving them lately. No offense to women out there but sometimes enough is TOO MUCH. We need a GUY’S NIGHT OUT! So we went to Quaker Steak and Lube, which is named so because of the Nascar theme and the fact that it lubes up your arteries something good. So the typical joke goes that the redneck (Pharli) drove us to the Nascar-themed restaurant where the Irishman (Bobert) proceeded to eat nothing but potatoes, the Puerto Rican (Jim) stole the salt and pepper shakers and the Jew (me) didn’t tip. Whatever. It was a nice night out, making fun of each other.

So then I finished some projects for classes. That was good. Last night, which is sort of blurring here, because I didn’t sleep and so it is technically still yesterday for me, I went out with the Zombie King, Scuba Shawn and went to Eat N Park. Oh, but prior to that, Aaron got pulled over for running a red light. He got let off for a warning but Dear JESUS it was heart-wracking because Jerry was with us in the car and BOY did that guy smell like pot. Anyhoo. We went back to Zombie King’s and Kane and I pretty much bullshitted about vinyls, rock trivia, conspiracies, and mythology about ROCK icons.

Incidentally. I have procured my holiest of holy grails, my ark of the covenant, THE BLUE VINYL “MOODY BLUE” by ELVIS PRESLEY. Suck it, Colonel. My search for the lost chord is over. And the quarter is almost over too. I will not have a Friday class because of some important Christian holiday, I’m not sure which. What is it, Pope-Day or something?

Now I have to go work on my finals. I am almost done, yeehee!


2 responses to “What is that holiday again??

  1. I would just like to say that, as a server, not tipping is unforgivable. You’ll need immediate rehabilitation.

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