Ride, Captain Ride, Upon Your Mystery Ship

I don’t know why, but the paranormal bug has been biting me pretty hard lately, and considering that I’ve never been stung or bitten by a REAL bug in my entire life, this is pretty disturbing.
Background: I spent a multitudinous amount of my formative years studying ufology, cryptozoology, fortean phenomenon, and conspiracy theory. Then, around my high school days, or the ironoclast era of the penicillis sapius, it dropped out faster than a womb in Hiroshima. For five years or so, I had little to no interest, except to make fun of, paranormal goings-ons. I think it was the other things in my life that were beckoning to me, like my interest in not failing classes, getting a job, or dating so I wouldn’t be alone the rest of my life.
Recently, however, I have found myself re-reading all those books on JFK, ROswell, the Philadelphia Experiment, Jim Morrison’s death, and the Montauk Project with avid curiosity. I am up late listening to Art Bell and George Noory on Coast to Coast AM radio, (104.7 FM here in Pittsburgh, 550 KRC back in Cincinnati). I made sure not to miss the ABC special on UFOs, I have been on internet forums, ugh, and I have been looking into local haunted places here in the greater Pittsburgh area. My buddies even have a haunted attic where I frequently recreate.
So what’s the big deal? Why am I suddenly so conscious of these subconscious mysteries? Perhaps it is because I have recently met both a Star Seed and a Psychic Vampire. Perhaps it was the hauntings at my friends’ house. Perhaps it was my happening across the time travel pages of one John Titor. Perhaps it is because my own writing has suddenly taklen a very metaphysical turn towards string theory and quantum mechanics as explained by Michio Kaku. Maybe its all the zombie movies I’ve been watching. Whatever. It’s freaking me out.
I was going to sleep one night, and very distinctly I felt hot breath on my ear, and plaintively, non-threateningly, but matter-of-factly a voice said, “children died here.”
It’s like the Mothman Prophecies. If you notice this phenomena, it notices that you noticed them.


10 responses to “Ride, Captain Ride, Upon Your Mystery Ship

  1. I have to ask, what are a ‘star seed’ and a ‘psychic vampire’ and where in the world did you meet them? And because I’m a huge nut about hearing things like this: what’s the story with your friend’s haunted house? (if you don’t mind me asking. I’m just fascinated).

  2. Hooboy
    hooboy you sure ask the tough questions. I will numerate them for convenience..
    1. A star seed is an alien here on Earth. Either they were biologically implanted into a human fetus, or they simply reincarnated as a human baby, most of them do not know that they are aliens. There are certain ways to discover this, but according to ufologists, within 20 years, %50 of the population will be Star Seeds (or Star Children or Indigo Children) in some form or another. I met this one through work, and he did not even know that he was one until we started talking and he saw that he fit the criteria for this, which is online.
    2. A psychic vampire is a person who can drain your energy, or the energy of other living forces. They also may not know that they are doing it, which is good because they may use their powers for evil if they do. I met this person at school, and he was well aware of his vampiric nature. Luckily, he tries to ration his powers responsibly, taking only moderate amounts of energy from various plants and other organisms that have enough to give. These are people that you may feel uncomfortable around, drained, or simply tired and irritable of.
    3. My friends on the North Side (one of the older and thus most haunted parts of Pittsburgh) moved intot his house. We believe that they have several ghosts there. There is a man that stands in the kitchen and watches people do dishes, there is an elderly gent who rocks in chairs, walks up and does stairs and hovers in Liz’s room, there are several orbs in the basement, and there is a little girl named ‘Rachel’ who died in the attic and will playfully mess with the inhabitants up there. She is harmless, but the thought of a little dead child awakening me by touching my face at night is too gruesome!
    Thanks for your interest, I really am getting into this subject more and more. If you have any paranormal stories to share I want to hear ’em.

  3. wow. that’s a little crazy. Maybe I’m an alien!
    I dunno. I don’t really have any good ghost stories or otherwise. But there was this one thing when I was a kid. It’s probably nothing, but I still remember it vividly. I woke up one night and my belly button hurt so I looked down and it was all bloody and there was this metal thing in it. So I ran into my parent’s bedroom, screaming. They asked me to show them and when I did there was nothing there. Now they swear I was dreaming. But I WASN’T. I know I wasn’t. I still don’t know what happened and it sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi flick but it’s the truth. At least the truth as I remember it.
    Come to think of it . . . everytime I”ve tried to pierce my belly button I’ve bled like a stuck pig for days (not normal), had dizzy spells, and just generally been sick before my body rejected it. That’s happened 3 times. Probably not related, though.

  4. Abductors!
    Maybe you are psychic, and Lil’ Ash was having a very vivid future vision of the metal thing in her belly that was making her bleed. Although it may also bring up fears of alien abduction, most cases do not sound like that. My buddy may have been abducted throughout his childhood, because he would have weird dreams and scratches in places there should not have been. He is not keen, however, on hypnotic regression therapy. He is of the opinion, and I half agree, that if something traumatic and frightening happened its better to keep it repressed.
    Here is a fun Michael Caine (as Sherlock Holmes) quote–
    Holmes: We believe he was abducted!
    Girl: By who?
    Holmes: …..abductors!!

    • Re: Abductors!
      Yeah, I never really believed that that experience was anything. It was just weird and I still remember it vividly. I dunno. Thought I’d share. 🙂

  5. WTF!?
    I am here to ask that you fellow college student refrain from using words that the mundain man can understand. If you don’t comply i will be forced to alert the stupid patrol and have you removed from your college. Also your punishment will be to sit in a rubber room working on new words for Webster’s Dictionary for persons like my self.

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