I just heard Canadian geese
And I know what that means
It means the changing of the seasons
Means the groundhog missed his shadow
Means that everyone’s in love
Everyone except for me
I don’t know what women want
Except they don’t want me
I don’t want one anyways
And that’s no bitter plea
one would only hold me back
I’d need two or three
My feets is itching for the open road. I want to get out, be free
If I could only be a hobo, I’d eat tins of ham and beans
Get a girl in every town, from here to New Orleans
Every night I would go down, makes me fit and lean
I shower, shave, every house I visit, bestest to keep clean
I’d get up every morning early, the sunrise to be seen.
I’d learn more out on the road, than any classroom scene
I will have a fuller life, for the places that I’d been.
I hate the way that people stare
When I haven’t gotten sleep
When I haven’t gotten clean
And I know what that means
I’m about to take to the streets
Another state another town
To get this whiskey down
No one should know where I will go
Now it’s warmer I’ll go further
Somewhere south for the farmer’s daughters
No one follows but my shadows
I will leave my house a mess
Leave no forwarding address
I will let my classes fail
I will grab my boots, hightail
No one will ever see me.

But who will watch my cat?


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