Woo Doggies!

Woo Doggies, (for some reason I am Sarge from RedvsBlue or Yosemite Sam). I am having a bad day. First off, I totally skipped my morning class because I could feel this strange force field holding me in bed. No joke! I know there’s no excuse for laziness but I literally felt like I couldn’t move. I must have been transmuted into lead or cement or some kind of weird lead-cement thing that melts like lead but you can draw on it with chalk like cement. So I timed out of this class, which means that I failed it, which is pretty bad but I suppose I’d prefer to have it at a time other than 8am on a Monday, because it is a film class and I want to devote more to it than a half-sleeping half-assed effort at loading a film camera. I want this to be a class where most of my portfolio stuff comes from, so I’ll probably devote more to it in a later quarter because I have NO portfolio worthy stuff right now. And I Suppose as long as my parents do not find out that I failed this VERY expensive class, there’s no real harm. I mean, my pocketbook will take a hit, sure, but there will be no BODILY harm so long as my parents do not know. My mother… she will hurt me. I am so glad that they are PC illiterate.
Also, the idiot Tech Department deleted the student server today. Which means that I have lost all of my work, including the things for tomorrow’s class. I should have backed them up, I know, but it is still a pain in the ass for them to delete these important files and folders just because some idiotic students take up too much room on the student server with their redvsblue cartoons and don hertzfeldt films. Which also pisses me off because I didn’t get a chance to copy over all those redvsblue cartoons and don hertzfeldt films!
Oh, yeah. And I’m fucking broke right now. No biggie. Money is the root of all evil anyways. I know that if I was given money I would just spend it on Allen Ginsberg or Lawrence Ferlinghetti books.
Still, I did want to eat this week.

Ha-hoo ha-hoo. I need to clear all the negativity from this room with my beam ray. Sheesh, when did I become such a complainer?? Oh yeah, adulthood.


One response to “Woo Doggies!

  1. Sheesh, when did I become such a complainer??

    Who are YOU kidding…at least since high school. Just kidding; I’m much worse than you.
    Boo for failing that class, but then again who can function properly at that hour anyway? You’re better off taking it later. I never take 8 ams.

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