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Venus on the Half-Shell
By Kilgore Trout
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It has been a while since I have written. Exactly who I am writing to, I do not know, since I have had a cumulative four comments since I have started all this, all of them from people whom I already know. Damn, I’m wordy today. Let me dumb it down, I hate flowery language.

Me hate blog. Me angry no sleep. Me hate Gotham no make with Mardi Gras boobie day. Me no have beads. Valentine Day sucks. Me am no romantically involved with lucrative witty and attractive significant other. Me am not sad, though. Me like me-time this affords me. By me-time I mean… uh…

Yeah. This isn’t working. Apparently the dumbed down Breshvic is also way too honest and liberal with his personal information. Who’da thunk it?

I probably will not be posting on here or the other weblogs a whole lot. I have a lot of other shit to worry about. I have officially timed out of a class which means I will be failing it despite the fact that I have already paid the ridiculous money needed for a film class. I will end up retaking it, hopefully not on a Monday morning. I do not have much time for something so trivial as weblogs.

Or as the kids call them… webls.


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