Current mood: Toobes

Ah, Febrooary. This is a good month. We shall see how the Days of the Valentines should be working out. There will be a party that weekend, with all of those things that make for a good Day of the Valentines… booze… womens… music… more booze… 80s nostalgia… more womens… Ah! This weekend there is an art gallery at the Beehive with artwork by my friend Lindsay. I will be attending however I anticipate some drama as Susan and her ex-roommates may be in the same room at the same time. Then there will be cattiness. And awkwardness. And art. And disturbances of the peace. This is why I am glad to be a man. That, and the lack of menstruation. And cramps. And pregnancy scares. Or having to pass a baby through my tubes. Because… you know… our tubes are smaller and such… I’m a stop talkin’ now.


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