It has been over a week, but I have other webjournals too, y’know!

This past Friday, I went to Squirrel Top with Suzie Q, we ate at this funny little Mediterranean place. I had gyro meat. It was a little pricey, but it was nice just to have some uninterrupted conversation for once. I had never been in Squirrel Top, her hometown, so she showed me about. We stopped at the record exchange, a different location than the both of us had worked at, each at separate times, and I found a shitload of fun vinyl, my real passion. Eat a Peach by the Allman Brothers, Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper, Firesign Theatre, Jeff Beck, and my truest of Holy Grails– Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. Now all that is left is my ark of the covenant– the blue vinyl, Moody Blue by Elvis Presley.

So Susan then treated me to a movie, Phantom of the Opera. She feels about the whole world of Phantom like I feel about the world of Indiana Jones, or how some people get into Star Wars or Star Trek. So she was swooning at Eric, she was grimacing at Christine, she was overall impassioned. It was a real show. The music, *being stolen material by Andrew Lloyd Weber* was not all that great, but the direction was visually oriented and quite beautiful. There were several scenes that stick out in my mind. Sincerely, the theme, “The phaaaaantom of the opera… is in my mind” is indeed in my mind.

It’s still not the sort of thing that I can be obsessed with, but I did like it. I think that Susan was expecting me to hate it, because as soon as with was over she was asking me to rip it apart. I didn’t think I came off as that cynical. However, we both agreed that Gaston Leroux was spinning in his grave, and that if we started practicing now, we would be able to spin efficiently when somebody bastardizes our works of genius some day.

But clearly, genius has turned to madness.


2 responses to “It has been over a week, but I have other webjournals too, y’know!

  1. No Way Man!!!!!!!!!!
    Holy Crap you found a vinyl of Dark Side of the Moon! That is awesome! Sell your holy grail and then find another one! Which probably wont happen so dont sell it. Anyways ive been working on some characters for the Noir story, I thought about creating a bad guy named Shananagans. I dont think thats how its spelled, in fact i know its wrong but i have to get up at 5am and its almost 230 and i still have a shit load of stuff to do before i got to bed. Anyways I will give you a call Monday night and let you know how things went and I may have sold my olde Cavalier. Oh yeah. Im going to have the house to myself for the next few days and will be parytying and playing video games and just driving around getting medevil on hillbillies that try to screw around with the Mikester. Oh yeah one more thing….. Never mix Wasabi sauce with Hot & spicy sweet & sour source, it just makes things worse.
    P.S. Phantom of the Opera the movie, was it cheesy or just bad actors and bad music that just makes the phanton of the opera play look so damn bad?

    • Re: No Way Man!!!!!!!!!!
      Okay… okay… there is so much in there that I want to address… first of all… “the Mikester?” No. No, we will not be doing that. Secondly… no, fuck secondly, I want to address the first issue again. “THE MIKESTER”??? What the hell is that? I know you’re tired and part crazy but “THE MIKESTER”??? What dark recessed part of your mind would even produce such a thing!?!? Surely some Satanic intervention put such a word into your head, as no mortal man could have come up with it on his own! I mean, imagine what you could be letting loose here, Mike. Dan would start calling himself “Dan-o-mite” or “the Dan of the Dead.” And Brandon? Brandon could sell push-up brushes.

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