And tonto, too!

I am sitting here in the haunted attic of Lee and Robert, or as I call it, the Robert y Lee room. It is not quite so haunted now, because it is daylight and Robert y Lee are playing surround-sound Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox. Everyone knows that Star Wars scares ghosts away. Still, I feel a presence I have not felt since….

Yesterday, we taped a preliminary sketch, an experiment with the new equipment and set, for the comedy show Baked Krackers. It was not particularly funny, but it did get all of the bugs out of the system. We were able to trouble shoot like troubadours! Today, I will be going over to the church on Avery street for the rehearsal of Macbeth. I am stage manager, which means that if I tell anyone besides the director to shut up, they have to do it.

and so, I end by saying, to the tune of the William Tell Overture… Macbeth macbeth macbeth macbeth macbeth macbeth macbeth macbeth….

Currently listening:
Berühmte Ouvertüren I (Famous Overtures Vol. 1)
By Wagner

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