Sandwich talk

I love my new sleep schedule. I used to be a night person, now I can go to bed at ten and wake up at six like a normal person. Let’s see how long this lasts, however, because today is Saturday.

Today, Josh, Joel, Robin and I (all people you do not know) recorded a band in from Bowling Green (which is where my old roommate Chase now goes) as a favor to our mutual buddy Ian. I was alert, productive, and the music was Cobainarific!

I saw Elektra today, and I can honestly say that it was better than Daredevil. That isn’t saying much. Let me rephrase; I liked this movie quite a bit. It was sufficiently artsy without being annoyingly so, the story was basically true to the comics, and I realized that Jennifer Garner is a much hotter and much more talented version of Hilary Swank. But godDAMN! That girl needs to eat a sandwich! Garner has such a great athletic body if she would just put a little meat on dem bones it would go straight to her tits and ass. I know I am being a pig but for God’s sakes! Actresses nowadays have bonier bodies than Death himself. My cousin Dan and I decided to open a mobile sandwich stand that we would set up across from every red carpet ceremony. We’d specialize in knowing exactly which sandwich is perfect for each body. Want some more on your hips, Lindsey Lohan? Have the roast beef! Want fuller breats, Helen Hunt? Have the chicken, then! Want to lose a little weight and then gain it back like some wieght scale drinking bird mechanism? Have the turkey breast, Rene Zellweger! I think we can all agree that Denise Richards is perfect.
Then we have a big fan that drifts all the waves of deliciousness to the acresses.
I love the female form.


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