Ah. A good night’s sleep and a healthy new morning. The temperature may not be up, but the windshield factor is down and it feels good to have some snow. I’m not as worried about the Day After Tomorrow, since I figure that if I survive, yay for me and those who survive with me, and if I die, how am I going to complain about it? So no more worrying about sensationalist apocalyptic scenarios for me! I do not mourn the dead, it is selfish. I am here at a wonderful seven thirty am at the school, the only one in the dark computer lab, all to myself, with the blinds drawn, until some class comes in to kick me out or that jackass in charge of the technology dept. He’s a nice guy if he’s not reeming you about computer use or reams of paper. But I feel good, going to start up some television stuff today, maybe get a seafood pizza prepared by delightful friendly Turks, work on a new improv group I plan on putting together, going to a club tonight, gonna watch Master and Commander, and then sleep in cuz I do not have a class until 12:45 tomorrow. Yee! Though I may begrudge it from time to time, life is not all that bad. In fact, if life is this good, I look forward to seeing what it will be like on the other side.


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