Mush Better

Current mood: mushy-headed no more!

Ahhh! much better! It is many hours later and my body is much better now.

Time lapse here on the weblog, which is absolutely possible according to string theory, and my brain had solidified from the mush it was last night to a sweet gelatin concoction with little pieces of fruit suspended in it.

As to that novel I was referring to, it is the reason that I have taken a recent interest in string theory, metaphysics, philosophy and physics at all. Goddamned Rod Serling, making science fiction scientifically viable! If it weren’t for people like him and Ray Bradbury, I’d be able to write science fiction nonsense based in no real science at all. I mean, c’mon it’s fiction! I’m losing sleep trying to figure out how to explain away my continuity errors! Writing has ceased to be fun, now that I am three-fourths of the way through this book! And this is only one of THREE fucking novels that I’m writing. Oh well, I suppose this is nothing new under the sun. Jules Verne and H.G. Wells surely had similar problems. Unless… the only reason they got their ideas was because *I* went back in time and gave them copies of their own books. But then where did those copies COME FROM?! Another dimension? Did the information always exist SOMEWHERE? Bah! Now I am all mushy headed again!

And why are there pieces of fruit floating in there?!

Currently reading:
The Time Machine
By H. G. Wells
Release date: By 01 December, 1995

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