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I have some awesome classes this semester! I had filmmaking on Monday, which straight kicks ass despite the fact that it is at eight in the morning, which is the bottom o’themorning for anyone. It will be all in-class filmmaking but maybe a few out of class assignments and either way, a hell of a lot of work. But it will be the most rewarding as we are using actual film and not digital which, though it has its perks, is hardly the real thing. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, baby.
Da Don teaches this class and his miserable attempts at humor make me happy because it shows that he is human. He is a happy-go-lucky guy who will go out of his way to make sure you have learned something and, if you have a problem, will make concessions for you, provided you are not walking all over him. He is the best lighting technician I have ever seen, and directed, among other things, a parody of the Matrix here at the school which was quite well received and very funny.

I already mentioned Broadcast Graphics, which will be a class with no homework and just in-class work on the wretched computer.
Cantella teaches this class and his successful attempts at humor make me happy because they are funny. He has always been a fav. teacher of mine since I had him for some class which quickly developed into Film Survey, though that’s not what it was. He forces people to think outside the box, which will be useful for solving problems on wretched computers. Also, he can kick my ass at American Gladiator styled jousting.

Today I had Business of Production, which was my most feared class, but it will be a strictly paperwork class with a presentation at the end and NO VOCAB, AND NO TESTS, which is what this teacher usually presents us. We get to propose a hypothetical treatment and budget for ANY project we would want to work on at all. I have decided to pitch a Ken Burns-esque documentary on the beat generation and Jack Kerouac. The best part is, its all typed work that I can get done a good week or two in advance and if I do my presentation early, thats extra credit, baby. The teacher already complimented my writing abilities, though I was afraid I was just being long-winded, something I desperately fight against, even here.
The teacher for this class is Kennedy, and he may be strict and militaristic in his requirements and attendance, but if he isn’t the best damn director and teacher this school has, I don’t know who is. He used to direct the local productions of the Gotham Blades games for feed to ESPN and Fox.

Currently reading:
A Coney Island of the Mind: Poems (New Directions Paperback No. 74)
By Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Release date: By 01 June, 1968

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