I now have THREE, count ’em, THREE weblogs, or as the kids on the streets are calling them for sort… webls. I have this one, I reactivated my xanga account, and a friend of mine, George, convinced me to go to myspace for the tang. It’s a little superficial, but I do loves me some tang. Besides, the more I can vent online the less I will punch little old people on the street for being so old. So god damn old.

Now I want to talk about abortion. I female friend of mine whom I am in no way romantically involved with, mentioned that if she were to hypothetically have a baby at this station in her life, she would probably have it aborted. There is a lovely David Lynch song about this, called ‘For the Ladies.’ I have always been of the opinion that, as a man with no vagina of my own, either on my body or lying next to me on some attractive lady, I have no right to tell women what to do with the vagina and the things that go into or come out of said genitalia. Personally, however, I have always thought that, if I were a woman, or if I had a girl who was pregnant with my baby, I would put the kibosh (heh, kibosh) on an abortion because it is MY kid as well, and I do not want it coat-hangered and turned into goo like so many gushers fruit snacks. Now, logically, I am thinking that NOBODY should have an abortion unless a.) the childbirthing process would be too dangerous to survive, or b.) the baby is a result of some near-homicidal rape and the unholy spawn of that madman would or could be the next Anti-Christ. Under any other circumstances, unfortunately, I side with Bush.

Why the sudden impulse flip-flop? Why the sudden interest in an anti-choice campaign as opposed to an anti-life one? Well, I figure, go ahead and have the kid, because you can get, like, sixty bucks for the little brats on the stem cell black market.

Shock. and. awwwwww.


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