Taking a dump for democracy

Hello, all. I have comments! What the hell is with that? People actually random-site-browse? I don’t. I only look at YOUR site if you have commented on MINE.

I suppose some of you have noticed the EXTREMELY large gap in my posts. That is due to the whole thing. Which, by the way, did not pan out. They had me waiting for an ENTIRE YEAR (yes I know the capitalization is annoying).

I mean, I can lose four pounds taking a dump. But they didn’t seem all that excited to get me. So I was like, you know what? I wanted to help people too, what with all the guns and all.

They do what they have to do and most of the time they do a good job doing it.

So in the past months, I have waited, lived with my grandma, got sick of purgatory and came back to school in Gotham, got a job a record store, lost a job at a record store, and am now fervently awaiting Mardi Gras again. I hope to be posting more, but I also have a livejournal account you can read for no additional charge!


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