2nd Post

I suppooooose I was a little rough on my friends. Perhaps they did not remember that I had an e-mail. They did worry about my existence when I didn’t have a phone there for a long while. Either way, I will apologize because its all water under the bridge… or a bridge over troubled water… or a burning bridge behind me… yeah.

In other news, my parents are coming up for the holidays… yay. I’m going to be fair, my parents work their asses off to ensure that I have a college education, and support me even though I am going to… shudder… art school. Still, it seems they never miss an opportunity to rub something in my face. Like salt. Or sulfuric acids. Guilt trip here, nag nag there, and a couple of ladeedas. I mean, nobody’s perfect, least of all not my parents. But I have grown up enough to realize that they are older than me, more mature than me, wiser than me, and smarter. At least, my mother is. Sometimes I worry about my dad. Somewhere along the line he either never grew up or he started regressing.

So I will be able to, hopefully, traverse the many states to see my Point Cordial chums once again. I will not miss my Gotham City pals, since they all have gone to their own respective towns for their own holidays. So, in case I do not write you until New Years, have a very merry month, a wonderful whatever, a stupendous something, and a happy new beer.


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