Rock You

As I sit here, in the Coffee Shop and local Bohemian hangout in Gotham City, it strikes me that, though I have a lot of things to say, not very many of them could POSSIBLY be of any real importance. The entire room, which exudes the sort of homey, welcoming warm yellow glow that certainly fluorescent McDonalds or Burger King does NOT, makes me too mellow to even complain about pop culture. I realize, though, that these rants that I usually belt out to friends and family would not make an appropriate introductory post on this, my livejournal.

Let me first start by explaining WHY I got a livejournal. I am NOT, though not far off, a twelve year old girl with ‘oppressive’ parents. Nor do I have either perceived or real problems of any importance. Sure, school loans are a bitch, my house was broken into and I was fired, but this, in the grand scheme of things, is transitory. I am glad to have good friends here in Gotham City and back home in Point Cordial to talk to and rely in.

AND SPEAKING of those friends in Point Cordial, yes, they are the impetus for this livejournal account. I began reading the journals of two dear friends of mine, and discovered that, though I’ve known these chaps since sixth and second grade, respectively, they deemed it necessary to tell the entire internet community personal and intimate details of their lives that I am not privy to. Doesn’t feel good to be excluded when it comes to relationships, cancers, babies, and life and death. For God’s sakes guys, just because we’re men doesn’t mean that, from time to time, we can’t discuss what we’re thinking or, and don’t shudder here, feeling.

Case in point; Recently a good friend of ours died of cystic fibrosis. I was not present of course, to console them or to even attend the funeral, because nobody even CONTACTED me. I didn’t have a phone but I have freaking e-mail and I WOULD HAVE come out for that. Regardless, we all, as friends of his, have issues to work out, be they loss, mortality, or simply my issues of how he made me feel about George Lucas. It’s a tough thing to grapple with! I may have to reevaluate my entire views of Episodes 1 and 2, out of respect for my good friend. Moreover, would it kill a friend to take comfort in another friend, even if they are both guys, when one of their own DIES!? He was part of our group, he was going to receive the fez upon his wedding day eve in a white cakebox.

So bearing that in mind, and with full knowledge that I am nosing myself into the personal lives of my best friends without being invited, I have invaded this internet arena of ideas and feelings so that I may take part in a sector of their lives that I may or may not have been invited into. Either way…

Here I am.
Rock you like a hurricane.


2 responses to “Rock You

  1. Are you ready for the EXTREME!?
    Dude, I feel bad that no one got to tell you about when Danny died. I totally forgot about email and since your phone was dead I couldnt think of any other way of contacting you.
    Anyways, welcome to the live journal phenomenom. Gee I hope that i spilled it correctly, i mean speeled it correctly, oops i mean spelled it correctly. Anyways, yes you will be seeing the many important events now in me and dans lives as you are in Pittsburgh, and we are in the nasty nati. Where cows rome free and cops cant catch the cows and a man around UC rapes other men simply for the pure pleasure of love, well im not sure about that love thing because he threatens them with a gun, i guess maybe he’s into that dominant sex thing or whatever. Anyways, Breshvic Penicillin (if that is your real name) I, Hornet have been getting some help from a girl who use to be a member her name is Invisible Mind. She has helped through some stuff lately and its been good, problem is she is so secretive, it took me sometime to getting me to trust her and talk to her. Anyways, Dan asks for an X-box his parents get him a motorcycle, Dans brother asks for a motorcycle and he gets an X-box. Dan seems to be dealing with college life…well…umm, he…is…d..e..a..l..i..n..g.. with it and other things. So all in all, welcome to the jungle we got fun and games.
    If you got any material i can use for surfer dude stand up let me know, Im composing some of dans college stories in with surfer dude stuff so it sounds funny as hell.

    • Re: Are you ready for the EXTREME!
      You should include this time when a friend of mine was getting high, and we decided to show him Yellow Submarine. He was all like, “WHAT is that?!? What is THAT!? WHAT IS THAT!??” So Chase said he was freaking out and we should take it out, but then Ry said, “NO!! I HAVE to watch it.” And every five minutes he would still say, “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!?”

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