It’s so totally Thursday. I have so totally been slacking.

Currently Watching
Vertigo – Collector’s Edition
By James Stewart, Kim Novak
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Well. I got some ‘splainin’ to do. My blog has nothing on it except some random interests that I felt sum me up as a being on this planet and a picture of the evil Grimace. This is, by the way, the original Grimace that was designed for McDonald’s ads, then changed because it scared little kids. I’d be scared too if a six-armed purple turd tried to steal my milkshakes!! As compelling as all this is, it tells you nothing of who I really am, what my ambitions are, what my personal philosophies in life are.

I’m Breshvic, and I like zebra cakes. I’m not as big as the evil Grimace but I’m certainly not what you would call a skinny guy. Its obvious that I love random and dark humor, which I call absurdist noir. As an artist (I paint, I film, I blah blah blah), I try to poke fun at religion, popular culture, politics, and the general stupidity of mankind. Although this is nothing new, I think that the artistic way in which it is represented has only lately been revisited in the same way that Orson Wells or Salvador Dali used to do. Some of my favorite modern satirists of the way we think include Chuck Palahniuk and Christopher Nolan. They spearhead what I like to call the New Satirical Movement. Modern satirists. Mike Judge. Al Franken. Don Hertzfeldt. Jhonen Vasquez. Cam De Leon. Conan O’Brien. Chuck Shepard. David Fincher. et al.

In a way, I guess you could call me a skeptic. I doubt everything and my personal philosophy changes from minute to minute. Actually, I guess I’m more of a reluctant. I want to believe things, but each theory or explanation of reality has one or several points that I cannot agree with. So I guess I believe that reality is what you make of it. This cannot really be refuted, since whatever you say to argue with it becomes part of the reality that you are making. Self-negation is fun!


As far as my ambitions, I like to draw and I like to sleep. But long term, I’ll be making movies. Maybe not high powered studio blockbusters with million dollar budgets. I think I’m more realistic than that. But I would like to force people to laugh and to think with new ideas, probably in an independent film market. I may also write and draw comics.

Let me give you an idea of who I am. I joined the Marines recently. I mean.. I did it on an impulse. If you’ve ever felt guilty for buying that pair of shoes or a television… don’t. In three days I was sworn in. Impulsive and spontaneous. That’s me. I ship out in may, by the way.

And my favorite movie of ALL TIME!? You guessed it. Vertigo. I can’t give you a gold star since it says currently watching up at the top. Oh, I’m not currently watching it, I just love it so much like a mother loves a baby.

Now I’m going to sleep.


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