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The Butterfly Effect
By Ashton Kutcher, Melora Walters, Amy Smart
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I finally saw the Butterfly effect. And all you people who told me it sucked, you are all dead wrong. And dead stupid. And dead. Because I’m sending dogs after you. And bees. And dogs that have bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees out at you.

And to that guy at the theatre that said the movie was deep and made you think every second you were watching it… dude, read a book every once in a while.

The film was a nice in between. It doesn’t take a keen mind to figure out what’s going on. In fact, the exposition they do have seems a bit unnecessary. You see Ashton Kutcher’s character recover some of his blocked out memories, then he tells like three different people that “I’m recovering some of those memories.” Speaking of Ashton Kutcher, I’d like to say that he did a surprisingly nice job, considering My Boss’ Daughter and Just Married. He did such a good job that I didn’t once think of him as Kelso or Demi Moore’s boy-toy. His character, in fact, all the characters, brought me in. I suppose what the fellow at the cinema meant by ‘deep’ and ‘thought-provoking’ was the psychological and philosophical questions this movie brings to light. And when I say brings to light, I mean it brings to light any new concepts to people that fell asleep in Philosophy 101 or a high school Psych class. Still, that doesn’t negate that it was a very clever movie.

I also saw 50 First Dates. While not quite as clever as Butterfly Effect and certainly not Memento, it had a wholesome sort of feel to it, despite all the walrus dick jokes. Rob Schneider has, sadly, the same sort of Adam Sandler-movie part written for him. Sandler himself doesn’t disappoint. Drew Barrymore’s acting is… well… she is there to look at. But the best part of the movie was the Hawaiian scenery and innacurate glimpses of their culture. (I was born in Hawaii so I can’t really speak to objectively on the matter)

Last, but certainly not least, Punch Drunk Love. My friend Aaron, you know, of Zombie King fame, had a copy on DVD for me to watch while I fell asleep on their couch. This was yesterday and I’m still forming my opinions. It was artsy, which I like, but the story made no goddamn sense. Which, I guess, is supposed to be artsy. From a filmmaking standpoint, the angles, shots, palette, and ‘look’ of the movie is beautiful and awe-inspiring. But the movie makes no goddamn sense! There’s no explanation for things such as why the main character cries (played by Sandler), the significance of his piano-thing, and there’s little to no character development. The villain, if he can be called that, (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) is thrust upon us for no reason and is in the movie a total of five minutes. His major act of evil being that he steals $500 and has Sandler beat up. And there are these randomly placed sequences of psychedelic color between some scenes and not others. And then there’s the pudding. Pudding, I say!!

This is not to say that I hated the movie. People I talk to tend to hate it or love it, and I can’t make a decision. I’ll have to watch it a few more times. I don’t like to jump to conclusions. Especially not with high-calibre dramatic actors like Adam Sandler.

That’s what IMDb is for.


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