Life is…. too $hort!

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Memento (Limited Edition)
By Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano
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I missed a couple days of blogging. Sue me. Better yet, don’t sue me, but settle out of court for less money than if you’d won, against your lawyer’s instructions, because you want to avoid a public spectacle and also because I have some very compromising photos of you with the guy at the office who comes in twice a week to replace the toner.

I got me the Memento DVD. Two discs of all kind of special features. I got to see the whole movie in reverse. Well… yeah. What I mean is, I got to see the whole movie forward. You get to notice a lot of things that you may have missed the first time around. Like how when Leonard rolls up his window the glass is broken. You know. Because it was shot out. Or how he rubs his hand when Natalie is writing down the information on Dodd for him. You know. Because he’s the one who hit her. Anyone who hasn’t seen the movie: for shame for shame for shaaame. Also I’m sorry for ruining some plot points. But moreover, I should explain what the hell I’m talking about. If you have seen the movie, skip past the next paragraph, do not collect $200, and congratulations on your taste in movies.

Anyways, Memento is a modern film noir about Leonard Shelby. Leonard, or Lenny as he doesn’t like to be called, has retrograde amnesia. Basically, he remembers everything prior to his accident but cannot form new memories. Every fifteen minutes or so his mind wipes itself clean and he starts fresh. In order to retain knowledge of events, he takes polaroids, makes notes, gets tattoos, and uses repetition to condition himself to remember certain things. The director, Christopher Nolan, wanted the audience to be in the dark about what was going on just as much as Leonard. To achieve this, he used a reverse story-telling style that’s not only innovative and genius but effective and fitting. Scenes in color run backwards, while the intercut black and white scenes are forward leading up the the first color event, which takes place last in the film. Its less confusing than it sounds. Especially if you get the new DVD and find the hidden features like I did!

Welcome back for all those who skipped the previous paragraph. Thank you for joining us. The rest of my weekend will be spent doing homework and catching up on laundry. Doesn’t seem worth all that does it?


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