Fish and visitors

I re-read my damn blog and realized that nobody has a clue what the hell I am talking about. Let me start over.

Friday: Sometime in the late afternoon/early evening, John and I realized that we could get all our video assignments shot in one weekend. So he proposes, under the influence of pinball, that I spend the night at his house. Ok. I have no problem with that, though it was a little rude not to ask his girlfriend or roommates. I’m trying to be a good houseguest. I don’t really know what that entails.

Saturday: We shot the boxing thing. Craig was uber-helpful and even apologized to me for directing the shoot. I was okay with that because he knows the art of boxing MUCH better than me. I asked John what he plans as far as me going home, and he said that he just assumed that I was going to spend the night again, since we have the theatre auditions to shoot yet. Once again, like an idiot, I agree. John and I get back to his house, disappointed with the camerawork but optimistic that we can salvage it. We start to play Tony Hawk. I get upset that John won’t let me play freeskate. John gets upset that I won’t let him play horse. Tempers flare. Somewhere in there I bought a pizza for me and Brian.

Sunday: We’re at the auditions. John and I have to wait in the cold for the director to get there. We get our b-roll and wait for a good opportunity to get our interviews. I ask John what his plans are for after the shoot. He says, and I’m paraphrasing here “I’m just gonna get you home because you’re getting on my nerves.”

You want to talk about nerves? How about the nerve of ASSUMING I’ll stay at your house? I mean, I admit I’m not the best person to live with. I’m damn near the worst. I criticize, I say things that normal people left unsaid, I make jokes that are stupid or insulting, I generally talk too much. But these are all things that he knew BEFORE he invited me to stay at his house. I’ll try to be a good guest. I will eat only the food that I buy because I know what its like to be a college student with limited funds and groceries. But I am not going to change my entire personality and outlook on life just because you’ve been “oh-so good” to me and let me crash at your place for two days.

Now I didn’t say any of this to John at the time. Maybe I should have, but I didn’t. I kept my mouth shut for two reasons.

1. If I let him win the argument I get home that much quicker.

2. Only a fool takes up a fool’s argument.

Incidentally, you know what my plans for the weekend were? I was going to stroll over to the Record Store and pick up my copy of the new Memento special edition they are holding for me. I was going to take it home and watch it and all the special features I could find. I was going to do some damn laundry. I was going to sleep until three and watch SNL. I was going to go to Tom’s Diner like I did last year and enjoy the super bowl alone and eat some mozzarella cheesesticks. Not very important obligations, mind you. That’s why I agreed to go in the first place.

Until next time… Mark Twain once said “Fish and visitors begin to smell after three days.” Three, John. Three.


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