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– 3. Brown-Eyed Girl

Aha! Those typing classes in the sixth grade really paid off, as I am now using a computer here at the Beehive on which most of the letters have been rubbed off over time, and the rest are only barely visible and mostly faded. ‘S’ ‘E’ and ‘X’ are the most dissapated.

In other news, my days of boredom are over! I am back in school, back to clubs and organizations such as TV Production and Drama, and I am writing novels. Oh, so many novels will I write!

Hanging out with friends, an activity hampered by their absence visiting relatives over the winter break, has commenced again. I have reclaimed the role of ‘guy on the couch’ at one house, and tonight I am going to a punk/ska show with Dylan. Ah, I remember the first show I took Dylan too, which was Reel Big Fish. I good introduction, since Dylan had no idea what ska was, and was mostly there to get laid. Little did I know that the majority of the girls there would be high school age (yeesh!) so we just enjoyed the music and he learned how to skank. Tonight, the roles are a bit reversed, since Dyl now has a girlfriend (though he doesn’t like to even say the word for fear of jynxing it) and I am single. I have NO interest, however, of meeting anyone tonight. I mean, that is to say, I’m ALWAYS interested in meeting new people, but in terms of something romantic and/or sexual, no thank you. I will just be sipping margaritas and drinking coolly of the jamaican beat, thank you very much.


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