Before I knew it, I had to catch the bus for class. I was pleased with the amount of progress I made, and the sleep deprivation has had no effect thus far. I had to redo an entire project, but it turned out better the second time anyways. Or is that denial? Well, due to this delay, I didn’t have time to get my paycheck from work. They close during my second class. It’s just as well, I work tomorrow. But I hate my last class of the day, with a professor that can only be described as a stinky, greasy Santa Claus. Not that I should talk, I didn’t shower and my hair is nasty. If I go for more one day without a shower I start to freak. But if I haven’t slept, can it all be considered one day? Do we age faster or slower? Would our birthday change? Fuck you, I’m tired. Ah, to sleep, or not to sleep? Hmmm… Guy Pierce is on Jay Leno…

Besides I heard somewhere that if you stay awake long enough you start to get visions. A good artist cannot afford to pass this up. Weed’s expensive.


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